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All-Subaru AutoX

Autocross events are safe, medium speed driving events for you to test the limits of your Subaru and gain valuable driving experience! Generally a course will be defined using traffic cones. One driver at a time negotiates a course laid out with the cones, or pylons, testing their skill against the clock. Time penalties are charged for disturbing cones. AutoX online Registration closes on Friday the 22nd @ 9pm. Depending on availability, there will be sign-ups at the registration booth on Saturday morning.

Learn to Drive -
Included w/ no additional charge to your AutoX entry, instructors will be on standby to sharpen up your skills. Have them in the passenger seat or driver seat of your car. We recommend letting the instructor drive at least once for demonstration. Your times will not be counted to your AutoX score if the instructor is driving!

AutoX Schedule (Tentative) -
8am :: registration & tech inspection opens
8am - 9am :: course open for walk throughs
9:30am - 01:00pm :: practice / instructional runs (timing will not be active
~1pm Intermission for Exhaust Competition
2:00m :: scoring begins (All Runs Count towards competiton)
3:30pm :: AutoX ends
4:15pm :: awards
*AutoX participants can come an hour before gate opens to general public to prep cars

Last years AutoX Layout. New layout coming Soon...

SF CoursePrelim-sized

AutoX Classes-

- NA STOCK (no 'go faster' modifications, 200+ tires)
- NA RACE (Unlimited, R-comps okay)
- Turbo STOCK (no 'go faster' modifications, 200+ tires)
- Turbo PREPARED (Bolt on suspension and mods, stock Turbo location, 140+ tires)
- Turbo RACE (Unlimited, R-comps okay)
- BRZ STOCK (no 'go faster' modifications, 200+ tires)
- BRZ RACE (Unlimited, R-comps okay)

Awards for EACH class
- 1st place: a plaque and $75 cash prize!
- 2nd place: a plaque and $50 entry refund
- 3rd place: a plaque
*Must have at least 5 cars in your class to be eligible for cash prizes.*

AutoX Trophy Example from past years Events:
AutoX Plaque Award Trophy BlueMarble

AutoX online Registration closes on Friday the 23rd @ 9pm. You will need to pay the $15 gate fee to enter Subiefest so please have cash available for the gate fee. Or you can find the AutoX registration @ the Subiefest info booth to register the day of the event, however space is limited and you should register online to guarantee yourself a spot. If you registered online use your ticket showing you paid to enter or bring cash. You'll also need a valid driver’s license. Racing numbers will be assigned upon arrival. Cars may be required to install a windshield vinyl from one or more of our sponsors.

No Work Assignments!
Unlike most Autocross formats, we'll have staff so you don't have to work when you're not running. This way you can enjoy the event! If you do feel like working in exchange for a free AutoX entry, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as we could use one or two more staffers.

Preparing Your Car / Tech Inspection
Remove all loose articles from the interior of your car! At the “tech” area, you will be asked to open the hood, trunk, and interior of your car for the Tech official’s inspection. They are here to make sure that all cars competing are safe. They will inspect your tires for adequate inflation pressure and tread depth, your wheel bearings for wear, check that your battery is secure, throttle return springs for return, etc. If the tech officials are satisfied with the safety of your car, your time card will be initialed. Helmets are required and limited loaners will be available (snell 95 and up).

Register online for the AutoX. AutoX online Registration closes on Friday the 23rd @ 9pm.
*Online registration is not required but highly recommended do to space restrictions.*









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